10 person extending table



Perfect for dining rooms, it can seat up to 10 persons thanks to the two side extension leaves - stored below the top - that slide into place in seconds. Both open and closed, Hyper ensures that the person at the head of the table is always seated comfortably thanks to the 39-wide top. Frame and legs are made of wood while top and leaves are made of toughened glass.



Classic and refined chair



Perfect for both living rooms and studies, “Anaïs” is the ultimate timeless chair available in a wide range of colours making it easy to create the combination that best suits each style. The chair is entirely covered in fabric enhancing its sleek design, while the slightly tapered back legs follow the curve of the backrest. The seat supported by elastic belts together with the light padding entirely covering seat and legs makes this chair highly comfortable and lightweight.

Product Measurements:



Total height: 30 ¾

Width when closed(Width when open): 63 (94 ½)

Single depth: 39

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Total height: 36 ¼

Single width: 17 ⅜

Single depth: 22 ⅞

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